Nctex security and compliance to create a pure land

BBC News 中文 2021年10月18日 12:33

Nctex draws on the mature public chain system in the past to ensure the highest level of security. Advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture, multi-layer architecture and micro-service development methods greatly improve the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system; function deployment and version updates can be performed without downtime, maximizing end-user operating experience . In addition to the security and stability support at the technical level, at the operational level, the exchange has a number of financial product experts and technical security experts, as well as an international-level risk control team to provide due diligence, project rating, smart contract audit, Risk assessment and other services provide multi-dimensional security and risk control guarantees.

At the beginning of its establishment, Nctex built a blockchain security network based on trusted computing with security as its foundation. As early as the beginning, Nctex has built a set of decentralized trusted computing general platform to realize a reliable software execution environment and ensure that the correct software can produce the expected output under the correct input; and a set of decentralized An auditable and traceable trusted software development operation and maintenance system ensures that the behavior of the software itself can be verified and traced. In this way, it is finally guaranteed that the correct native application program is executed in the correct general platform hardware environment, and the security strength of the smart contract is realized. In addition, Nctex actively cooperates with top security companies in the industry, such as blockchain security company PeckShield, and the two parties have formally reached an in-depth partnership in security auditing, emergency response, data analysis, threat monitoring, etc. For the comprehensive ecological security monitoring of the Nctex community, the two parties will actively cooperate in many aspects such as situational awareness, monitoring and early warning, emergency response, aggregation analysis, community security linkage and response.


Nctex is actively investing in compliance, embracing supervision, and creating a pure land for users and investors to maintain and increase the value of digital currency investment and hedge. Nctex actively promotes the legalization of the blockchain and digital currency industries in many countries around the world, obtains legal business licenses in strict accordance with local laws and regulations, and maintains smooth communication with government regulatory authorities in many countries. Nctex actively obtains access licenses or compliance licenses in many regions around the world. Such as: Singapore Monetary Authority PSA Exemption License, Canada MSB License Cooperate with CM-Equity AG, a German compliant encrypted asset management and brokerage service investment company, to operate compliantly in the European market. Actively strive for MTL licenses in 37 states in the United States, etc.

In general, high-quality projects have exploded, user attention has continued to rise, innovation capabilities have continued to be "online", and the ability to create wealth is remarkable. Among the many platforms, Nctex has become the "cradle" of the industry's dark horses and high-quality projects, and has become a bridgehead to promote the efficient implementation of blockchain technology. Under the guidance of the "user-centered" values, it uses blockchain technology to explore the digital economy. Model innovation provides a full range of services for the effective connection between supply and demand of various entities in the encrypted world.

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